Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Regarding the school:

    Q1. Regarding t...

    SHVFS was cofounded by one of the "211" famous university, Shanghai University, and Canada Vancouver Film School in 2014. The founding of SHVFS is an important action by Shanghai Municipal Government for revitalization of the film industry.

  • Q2. Regarding the campus:

    Q2. Regarding t...

    SHVFS is located at the No.1 Teaching Building of the Yanchang Rd. Campus of Shanghai University. The school building covers an area of 7500 square meters. The Yanchang Rd. Campus of Shanghai University is close to the city downtown. It has convenient transportation, convenient life, quiet and pleasant scenery. It enables students to fully experience the charm of Shanghai as an international metropolis while enriching their study and life.

  • Q3. Learning programs provided:

    Q3. Learning pr...

    SHVFS provides 7 programs for learning: Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effect, Sound Design for Visual Media, Makeup Design for Film & Television, Acting for Film & Television, Writing for Film & Television, Game Design.

  • Q4. Regarding facilities & equipment:

    Q4. Regarding f...

    The government has invested 120 million RMB for the school's facilities and equipment, including: 14 professional cameras such as Alessa and Sony FS700 (plus all kinds of film lenses, Alai lights, etc.), one film shooting studio, three 3D/4K panoramic theatres, four mixing rooms, one final mixing theater, four acting classrooms, three special effects makeup laboratories, six AVID editing rooms, one cafe in the building, six shower rooms, and 24-hour central air-conditioning and hot water supply.

  • Q5. Regarding the education model:

    Q5. Regarding t...

    One-year intensive and immersive courses for bachelor graduates to train them into qualified film (and game) industry talent. "2+2" years of overseas bachelor study pathway program for senior high school graduates. "1+1" years of overseas master study pathway program for university bachelor graduates.

  • Q6. Diplomas offered:

    Q6. Diplomas of...

    All candidates do not need to take part in the China National College Entrance Examination. SHVFS arranges independent entrance examination and interview. Upon graduation, one-year program students will be offered Canada Vancouver Film School Diploma (non-degree), "2+2" pathway program students will be offered a bachelor's degree from an overseas university partnered with SHVFS, and "1+1" pathway program students will be offered a master's degree from an overseas university partnered with SHVFS. Both the bachelor and master degrees of the overseas universities partnered with SHVFS are certificated and recognized by China Ministry of Education.

  • Q7. Regarding the teachers:

    Q7. Regarding t...

    80% of SHVFS teachers have working experience in North American film industry. The Hollywood front-line artists teach students the most updated practical skills.

  • Q8. Teaching language:

    Q8. Teaching la...

    English as the primary teaching language and Chinese as the auxiliary. It provides a professional and English-language environment for students to integrate into the trend of international film production and studying abroad.

  • Q9. Tuition fee:

    Q9. Tuition fee...

    The school charges 60% of the tuition fees of equivalent film schools in the world. The tuition fee for programs such as Film Production, 3D Animation and Visual Effect, Sound Dedign for Visual Media, and Game design, is RMB 178,000. The tuition fee for programs such as Writing for Film & Television, and Acting for Film & Television, is RMB 128,000. Tuition fee covers all the cost of equipment, consumables, tools and film producing fees. Accommodation fee is not included.

  • Q10. Other benefits for students:

    Q10. Other bene...

    Other benefits for SHVFS students:

    a. Every Film Production Program student will participate in the production of 20 short films during the study period. For every film produced. the school provides 100,000 RMB on average as producing fund. Students of other programs will also have many practical project opportunities in the specialty related fields.

    b. All equipment, tools and consumables can be used for free.

    c. The master lecture held twice every month, venture capital fund bidding session held twice every year for all alumni, and "President Jia's Aprentices" program offer lots of opportunities for students to get precious industry experience and to raise funds for their own films.

    d. Two special job fairs every year for all alumni, with lots of companies from film and entertainment industry, assuring alumni of lifelong career development opportunites.

    e. Many overseas universities from Europe, America and Australia partnered with the school, provide students with pathways to get bachelor or master degrees.