About The Program

2+2 Overseas Pathway Bachelor Program of Shanghai Vancouver Film School

For high school students

who want a Bachelor degree


Phase 1:

English courses and preparatory courses(half year)


Phase 2:

Select a program from Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Sound Design for Visual Media, Makeup Design for Film & Television,  Acting for Film & Televsision, Writing for Film & Television and Game Design to study for 1 year.

Go abroad

Phase 3:

Cmplete optional courses (half year)

English Qualified

Phase 4:

Study in overseas universities (2 years)


Obtain Bachelor Degree:

Students can also obtain graduation certificate of both Shanghai Vancouver Film School and Vancouver Film School.

Plan Your Pathway

Plan your overseas study pathway——

Select your SHVFS program

  • Film Production
  • 3D Animation & Visual Effect
  • Sound Design for Visual Media
  • Makeup Design for Film & Television
  • Acting for Film & Television
  • Writing for Film & Television
  • Game Design

Program Advantages

Compared with other schools, the advantages of SHVFS 2+2 Overseas Bachelor Program are——

SHVFS employs a large number of foreign instructors who have been working in Hollywood for many years. We also teach and provide professional English language training. By the end of the first two years,  students not only have the professional ability fully met the needs of the industry, but also their English has also been greatly improved, so that they can continue their studies abroad without hindrance. 

Eight universities from the United States, Europe and Australia establish the "through train" with SHVFS, providing a wide range of options. The doors to cooperative universities are directly open, and the barriers to entry are well below the normal level of application that they require from the outside world. 

For students who have just graduated from high school, studying abroad requires a transitional period of adjustment. The first two years of SHVFS "2+2"  can provide a full range of language ability transition, professional ability transition, maturity and self-care ability transition, international adaptability transition, which can prepare students better in the last two years of abroad  life, and let parents more assured.

Application & Enrollment

Application Requirement

High school or above education level

Basic knowledge of English

Be found of flm art and wish to study abroad

Chinese arts candidates who have passed the local qualification line will be admitted first

Contact Us

  • Admissions Office's Phone Number:
    +86-21-56331320 or +86-21-56331055

  • School Address:
    No. 1 Building, 149 Yanchang Rd, Jing'an District, Shanghai

  • School Email Address:

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