Makeup Design for Film & Television

Program Introduction

This comprehensive program encompasses all areas of Make-up Artistry pertinent to Film and Television production…and much more. The modern production based Makeup Artist requires a broad skill set that extends far beyond beauty and fashion. SHVFS students have supporting classes that cover digital design,editorial hair-styling, working with wigs, manufacturing hairpieces, airbrushing, sculpting, mold making and the fabrication of prosthetics made from gelatin, foam latex, bondo and gel filled silicone. In addition, there are numerous career prep classes that focus on the specific avenues of employment opportunities and how to get your foot in the door. The completion of this study culminates in a professional caliber portfolio to serve as the student’s greeting card to the world.


The program provides the most comprehensive courses in the world about makeup design for film and television. Students could master all the skills required by the film and television industry. Specializations of the program courses include:

Fashion Makeup

Hair Design

Prosthetics Makeup

Makeup Design


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  • Term 01

    With the exploration of film, TV and stage history, and the history of makeup will provide relevance. On the fundamental skills of color theory and anatomy of human face, the corrective makeup, glamour makeup, hair styling, set etiquette, digital image manipulation and design (Photoshop) are acquired.  

  • Term 02

    Avant-garde makeup with fashion photography. Exploring the makeup and hairstyling in the 20th century period and various 'out-of-kit' effects makeup. Airbrushing is introduced and Digital Makeup Design is explored.

  • Term 03

    Fantasy glamour collaborate with professional photoshoot and cultural applications based on research. Bald cap application, wig styling, hair laying, stretch and stipple aging, wax application are all introduced to design a character. Script breakdown for makeup and continuity are introduced. Collaboration with students from other programs to participate in film projects.

  • Term 04

    Face casting, mold manifesting, sculpting are introduced, Gelatin prosthetic application and coloring are explored. Meanwhile, advanced hair laying skills are developed.

  • Term 05

    Further study on foam latex prosthetic, fabrication of Over the Head Masks and the creation / application of ventilated hair pieces.

  • Term 06

    Bondo transfers, silicon prosthetics, dental casting and veneer construction are introduced. An assignment on final makeup project or a mentorship with a local special effects shop as an option. Portfolio creation and career prep fundamentals are also required.

Career Orientation

Potential career paths include but are not limited to following:

  • Film, TV and Advertising

    All kinds of makeup application on film and TV set

  • Special Effects Makeup Shop

    Prosthetic, wigs and props manufacture and other related work in SFX Makeup Shop

  • Theatre

    Makeup and hair styling for all kinds of stage and theatre performances

  • Fashion and Editorial

    Makeup and hair styling for fashion, editorial and shows

  • Others

    Sales and demonstration for cosmetic company, hair salon, makeup for bridal, theme parks and other events

Program Advantages

The most comprehensive makeup design course for film and TV across the country.

Character design in film and TV is more than hair work, prosthetics fabrication, dental veneer construction and Over-the-Head masks.

Plenty hours of demos, instructions and intensive practices.

Collaboration with other SHVFS programs to participate in film projects, the realistic on-set experiences are acquired.

Experienced and highly recognized instructors from industry who still active in film and TV production.

North American standard special effects makeup shop for study.


Courtney Frey (Head of Department of Makeup Design for Film & Television Program) talking about the program's advantages

Alumni Success

  • Film 《Shadow》

    1 alumnus

  • Film 《The Island》

    1 alumnus

  • TV Series 《Ten Great III of Peach Blossom》

    5 alumni

  • Film 《Explosion》

    1 alumnus

  • Film 《Demon bell》

    3 alumni

Class Moments


Student Works

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    Graduate of 2020 fall


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Admissions Info

  • Start date: September for Fall semester, May for Spring semester (tentative)
  • Educational system:One year,  six 8-week terms
  • Tuition fee:¥178,000 (Scholarships may be available to applicants.)
  • Graduate with a varied portfolio (20-pages) 

Related materials:

A. A copy of your ID (Proof that you are at least 18 years of age or have graduated from high school.)

B. A copy of your highest degree (If you are still studying, please provide your Confirmation Letter.)

C. One recommendation letter (optional, remarks: Please note family members are not eligible as references).

D. A file certifying your English proficiency level, such as TOEFL or IELTS score sheet, CET score sheet, Transcripts from any secondary or post-secondary institutions attended in the last 3 years, etc.

E. Makeup Design Program Requirements:

       You will need to provide a portfolio that consists of sketches and/or photographs that best illustrate your artistic vision in makeup design (maximum 12 pieces). This can be in the form of a CD, DVD, colour photocopies,  sketches, or photographs or a link online.


Please note that all the materials are collected only for admission, which will not be open to the public.