School Introduction

1、New shanghai university was founded in 1994 (old shanghai university can be traced back to 1922), which is a local 211 key university built by shanghai government and the Ministry of Education; Vancouver Film School was founded in 1987, which is a top film and television talents school in north America, especially in. Vancouver Film School has more than 40,000 alumni in the global film and television entertainment industry.

2、Shanghai Vancouver Film School (SHVFS) was founded in 2014, which has introduced teachers and courses from Vancouver Film School by Shanghai University. The famous Chinese director, Jia Zhangke, has been president of SHVFS since August, 2016.

3、SHVFS was founded under the guidance of the Shanghai government. Its council members are Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture Radio Film & TV, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Government of the JingAn District, Shanghai University and Vancouver Film School. Shanghai government aims to grow SHVFS into the best film school in Asia and a first-class school in the world in the next 10-15 years.

4、It is the first and only Sino-foreign cooperative school of higher education which use North American teachers, English as the main teaching language and Hollywood film industry standards as the teaching content (License number: GOV31CAN12INR20140779N). The school has more than 30 international teachers, including Oscar winners and Emmys winners, and first-class professional equipments worthing more than RMB 70 million.

5、SHVFS has introduced the advanced film education model of North America, with industry-oriented curriculum design and high-concentration, high-intensity, small-class, elitist practical teaching. For those who aspire to work in the film industry (including industry practitioners / university teachers / Bachelors, Masters, Doctors / high school graduates, etc.), SHVFS provides direct access to the Chinese and global film industry capabilities and bridges.

Education Models

  • One-Year Intensive Practical Program

    This is a one-year hand-on intensive training program, which covers more than 1,400 study hours.

    Student can get the graduation certificate of both Shanghai Vancouver Film School and Canada Vancouver

    Film School.

  • Three-month Intensive Short Program

    Only for Writing for Film & Television program, 3 days’ class per week during the 3 months. People who have no basic or have an entry-level basic and want to complete a script within 3 months are suitable for this program. Students can get the graduation certificate of Shanghai Vancouver Film School when they finish their program.

  • 2+2 Overseas Bachelor Program

    For high school graduates who want a bachelor degree: 2 years domestic + 2 years overseas.

  • 1+1 Overseas Master Program

    For students who want a master degree: 1 year domestic + 1 year overseas to get a master degree.

  • College Degree Improvement Program

    For students who graduate from colleges and want to improve their degree:

    1 year domestic + 1-3 years overseas to get a bachelor degree or a master degree. 

Programs & Admissions Number

Application Time:
Application Ways:

A. Please apply on school website:

B. Please search the keyword "SHVFS" on WeChat App to find and follow school's official WeChat public account to apply

C. Please call +86-21-56331055 or +86-21-56331320 to apply or consult

Programs Specializations Spring Intake 


Spring Intake Start Date Fall Intake 


Fall Intake Start Date
2+2 Overseas Bachelor Program
 (2 yeaars domestic+2 years overseas)
Choose after passing the preparatory courses 30 To be determined 40 09/2020(tentative)
 Film Production
(1 year)
Producing 36 To be determined 40 09/2020(tentative)
Production Design
Post Production
3D Animation & Visual Effects
(1 year)
Modeling 16 To be determined 20 09/2020(tentative)
Visual Effects
3D Animation

Makeup Design for Film & Television
 (1 year)

Makeup Design 16 To be determined 16 09/2020(tentative)
Glamour and Fashion
Hairstyling and Wigs
Specials Effects
Prosthetics Construction
Sound Design for Visual Media
 (1 year)
Game Audio 16 To be determined 16 09/2020(tentative)
Acting for Film & Television(Bilingual)
(1 year)
Acting 20 To be determined 20 09/2020(tentative)
Acting Direction
Casting/Acting Brokerage

Writing for Film & Television
 (3 months)

Script Writing 16 To be determined 16 09/2020(tentative)
Animation Writing
Game Design
 (1 year)
Game Design 16 To be determined 16 09/2020(tentative)
Game Art


School Advantages


Film Industry Standard of North American

The keys to the SHVFS education model are structured intensity and immersion in North American industry practices.

Bilingual Teaching from Experts

80% of the instructors are from Vancouver Film School in Canada. All classes are taught in English to foster international film talents. Chinese translation is also available. Among them, the Acting Program is mainly Chinese performance, which requires students to have a fluent Chinese proficiency before they can learn.

Who We Are Looking For

If you want to spend a year of your life immersed in film, then SHVFS is the school for you. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but what they all share in common is a passion to create, a strong work ethic and a love of film.

Intensive Workshop Training

One-year intensive program condenses a four-year program of a regular university, which combines industry-oriented learning and an intensive practice on set. The aim is to train mature applied talents for film industry.

Shanghai Film & Television Industrial Park

The SHVFS campus is associated with the Shanghai Municipal Government's International Film & Television Industrial Park around Shanghai University which has attracted a variety of film and television companies.

Exclusive Lifelong Alumni Support Policies

Graduates can still use school’s facilities and equipment, and enjoy lifelong alumni support services such as industry project and funding opportunities.

Film Industry Standard of North American

Verification & Examination

After receiving the application form, the admissions office will arrange written examination and interview.

The written examination is an open-style one to test candidates' language and writing skills as well as their professional knowledge.

The interview is made by foreign interviewers to test candidates' basic English and professional knowledge, which will be no less than 15 minutes.

Candidates need to bring their ID and highest degree certification.

Candidates can show their works, skills, honor certificates, qualification certificates, recommendation letters, etc.

Fees & Scholarships

The school charges 60% of the tuition fees of equivalent film schools in the world. The tuition fee for programs such as Film Production, 3D Animation and Visual Effect, Sound Dedign for Visual Media, and Game design is RMB 178,000. The tuition fee for program of Acting for Film & Television is RMB 128,000. The tuition fee for 3-month Writiing Intensive Short Program is RMB 28,000. The tuition fee for program of ESL and Preparatory Course of Film Essentials is RMB 60,000. Tuition fee covers all the cost of equipment, consumables, tools and film producing fees. Accommodation fee is not included.

The school offers different grades of scholarships, please call +86-21-56331055 or +86-21-56331320 or send email to to ask more details.

Qualification & Requirements

1)High school or above education, university students or graduates are preferred.

2)18 years of age or above (2+2 students and acting students may be relaxed as appropriate).

3)Candidates with good English will be admitted first.

4)Candidates with basic art and technical background will be admitted first.

5)Nationality is unlimited, candidates ought to abide the laws of the people's Republic of China.

6)Physicall and mentall healthy, can adapt to high-intensity professional learning and training.

7)Chinese arts candidates who have passed the local qualification line will be admitted first.

Qualification & Requirements


1. Apply Online
Please fill the online application form and submit it.


2. Send Additional Materials
Please send related works, scanning pieces of award-winning certificates, and ID card (or passport) to the email address: Email subject: name + application major.


3. Wait for Materials Check
The Admissions office will contact candidates within 3 working, making a test appointment or asking for more materials.


4. Attend Examination and Interview
After materials approved, applicants will be notified to pay RMB 260 (about 50 Canadian dollars) for the application fee and attend the written examination and interview. Foreign applicants or those who are unable to come to school within the prescribed time may apply for an online interview.


5. Get Test Results
Five to seven working days after the written interview, applicants will be notified of the test results by phone or email, and conditional offer will be issued to successful candidates.


6. Pay Admission Deposit
A formal admission offer will be issued only after the candidates, who got conditional offer, have completed all the required materials and have paid the admission deposit.


7. Complete Enrolment Procedures
Receiving formal admission offer means all the enrollment procedures completed. Students can wait to register on Opening Ceremony.


Come to Shanghai, China!
Follow President Jia Zhangke!
And more than 30 international experts into film industry!
Make your film dreams come true!