Scholarship Policy

From now on, applicants can apply for scholarships when they apply for admission.

The scholarships are divided into first, second, and third grades, with the amounts of RMB 50,000, RMB 30,000, and RMB 10,000 respectively. The scholarships are mainly used to encourage and assist outstanding students in their study and life at school.

Scholarship Application

Applicants can sonsult Admissions Office for scholarship application and email materials under the guidance of admissions staff.

Scholarship Approval

All the materials shall be examined and graded by SHVFS Scholarship Committee in combination with the application materials, written examination and interview results to determine whether to offer the scholarship or not.

Scholarship Issue

The scholarships awarded by the applicants can only be used to redeem tuition fees.


Applicants must provide authentic and reliable materials. Any applicant who forges or modifies materials shall disqualify and revoke his/her application.