English as a Second Language

Program Introduction

Learning English is not just a way to meet your linguistic needs.  It is also a journey that teaches you to be more creative and to better appreciate film/visual arts.  At the SHVFS, with the help of our dedicated and talented faculty, you will learn English linguistically, culturally and artistically.  Because of the quality of our faculty and the richness of our curriculum, your English learning will be refreshing and stimulating, yet also challenging.   The six-month study will help you develop a deeper appreciation of English, find more meaningful ways to use this practical language and gain a better connection to English-speaking movies.



Grammar makes us speak better. Having solid grammar knowledge allows you to carry on interesting daily conversations and express your movie and art ideas clearly and sensibly.

Listening Comprehension

Language learning entails these four skills: “listening, speaking, reading and writing”. This class improves students’ listening comprehension quickly and is a core IELTS class.


Imagine yourself attending an Oscar ceremony and mingling with Hollywood stars. Authentic and beautiful pronunciation would make you more charming, wouldn’t it?

Introduction to Film and Film Theory

A good film maker may also be a thinker.  This Introduction to Film and Film Theory class teaches film theory and improves students’ overall film knowledge.

Western Art and History

In order to help the world understand the “China Story”, it’s useful to learn western culture, art and history.  The Western Art and History class is designed to broaden students’ film knowledge.

Film Analysis

The Film Analysis class helps students appreciate film more and understand that a film entails a story, art, history, plus technical aspects.


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  • At the end of the first semester, the students need to be able to hold basic conversations, tell simple stories and express ideas in English.  


    The goal of the second semester is to further develop the conversational skills of the students so they can have lively conversations, tell complex stories and express art-related viewpoints.


    By the end of the third semester, the students need to be able to express their viewpoints and tell stories based on the strong oral skills.  

Program Advantages

SHVFS employs foreign instructors who have worked in Hollywood for many years to provide professional English language training. Once students finish the domestic curriculum, they not only own the professional ability which has fully met the needs of the industry, but also have a very great improvement in English, which will help them continue to go abroad for further study without obstacles. 

We established "Through Train" program with the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore to establish a "through train", a variety of options. The door to docking universities is directly open, and the threshold for entry is much lower than the normal level of their external requirements. 

For students graduating from high school, studying abroad needs a transitional period. This course can provide a comprehensive transition of language ability, professional ability, self-care ability and international adaptability. For the next two years to go abroad to study and live independently to lay a good foundation!

Class Moments


考特尼 • 弗雷





Admissions Info

Enrollments:  Fall cohort starts in September; Spring cohort starts in May (tentative)

Duration: 6 months per cohort consisting of 3 semesters, 8 weeks per semester

Tuition: RMB 30,000

Courses are designed and taught by dedicated and experienced ESL faculty from the US and China.

One-to-one training is provided as needed.  It is an excellent opportunity to correct your pronunciation and improve spoken English in a very short period of time. 


Application Materials:

A. A copy of your ID (Proof that you are at least 18 years of age or have graduated from high school.)

B. A copy of your highest degree (If you are still studying, please provide your Confirmation Letter.)

C. One recommendation letter (optional, remarks: Please note family members are not eligible as references).

D. A file certifying your English proficiency level, such as TOEFL or IELTS score sheet, CET score sheet, Transcripts from any secondary or post-secondary institutions attended in the last 3 years, etc.